Drowning Prevention Tips: The ABC & D’s

Drowning is a serious issue in Clark County because of the access to pools at all times of the year. The typical drowning victim is age 4 and younger and doesn’t make any noise when slipping into the pool to go after a toy or other object.

To keep your child safe near water, remember the ABC & D’s of drowning prevention: Adult Supervision, Barriers, Classes, and Devices.

Adult Supervisionman designated to be a water watcher

  • always designate an adult to watch children around the pool or spa
  • always know where your children are when you are inside your house


  • install a 60″ tall, non-climbable fence around the pool with a self-closing gate
  • use a power-operated pool cover
  • install alarms on back doors and windows so you know when they have been opened


  • take a CPR and rescue techniques class
  • have your child take swimming classes, but know that does not make him or her drown-proof

Devicespersonal flotation device on child

  • keep a phone by the pool and child’s bathtub at all times
  • keep other rescue tools, like a shepherd’s hook and lifesaving ring, by the pool at all times
  • have non-swimmers wear personal flotation devices (life jackets, not arm floaties) near all bodies of water

Other Drowning Prevention Safety Tips

  • close back doors if your pool doesn’t have a fence
  • drain kiddie pools after every use
  • always look immediately in the pool when your child is missing
  • never leave your child alone in the bathtub
  • always remove toys from the pool after playing in the pool and store them securely away


More Information

For more information on how to keep children safe near water, visit the Southern Nevada Health District’s Drowning Prevention¬†web page.