Kids love to climb on furniture and fly off like superheroes. Unfortunately, the more drawers they pull out, kidcotvstrapsthe more likely it is that piece of furniture or a TV will fall over on them, pinning them dangerously underneath. Every 3 weeks, a child dies from a TV tipping over on him/her. With some simple kid-proofing, your house will be safe for them to grow up and maybe one day be real superheroes to someone they love. By either using safety straps to secure your TV or a mounting bracket to hang it on the wall, you can reduce the chances of your child being injured by TV tip-over. Don’t forget to secure your furniture to the studs in your wall as well!

TV and Furniture Tip-Over Prevention Tips

  • mount flat screen TVs to the wall
  • older “tube” TVs that don’t have a flat profile can be placed on low pieces of furniture; some TVs have spots where a furniture strap can be affixed
  • use brackets or wall straps to secure taller pieces of furniture, such as dressers and bookcases, to studs in the wall; straps can be found in the baby-proofing aisle at baby stores and home stores
  • teach children that it’s not safe to open more than 1 drawer at a time on a piece of furniture
  • keep heavier items in lower drawers or on lower shelves

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